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"blobbies" are what I ended up with after several painting, drawing, sculpture, and too many printmaking studios over my 10 year college career.

These are always envisioned as 3D forms, individual beings, with their own motivations, goals, desires, and quite possibly pointy-bits, and some idea which other blobbies to sink those pointy bits into.


My work has always been about heavy lines.

Then I got hooked on organic shapes.

Then embryos.

And in the summer of 95 I decided to pick up and start USING that formal black sketchbook.(see below)

"blobbies" are what came out.

Meg named them.


a post I made long ago about sketchbooks:

Aug 19, 1995 00:27

I didn't used to do very much in my sketchbook. I used it to draw out 'assignments' and almost only that. When given a project (or having given myself one) I would do the work on that in the book, and was very conservative with what I drew. Very little in the way of experimenting, etc.
When I went to my first bound sketchbook, I tried to toss in more random stuff, photomounting in articles i liked, other sheets of paper I doodled on, etc.
This summer I had a computer programming internship, and I was really worried that having something similar to a real job, I'd not be able to continue to do some sort of art. I took my sketch book with me, anyway, though.
I decided to take a couple breaks during the day (either to smoke, or to pretend to smoke, to get the same time off as the smokers) and also took my book with me for the hour lunch break. I walked across the street, and sat against the Cedar Rapids Museum of Art under a tree, where is was nice and quiet (unless a train happened by). I did more sketching this summer than I have up to this point, I think. When I was at meetings, I would often doodle/sketch on other sheets of paper. These too I photomounted in. During the summer, I also ended up doing a lot of writing in my sketchbook. Though I'd never been very good at keeping up a journal, I ended up doing that almost without knowing it this summer.
While I was camped out next to the CRMoA I was able to sketch/journal like I'd never been able to do. I don't know if I'll be able to keep it up this semester, but at least I know I can do it under certain circumstances. I just need to choose a tree to watch the leaves on somewhere near my dorm, or on campus (or both). And I also have 60+ pages with a lot of good ideas to run with.
I just finished that sketchbook off, and am now into my first homemade sketchbook. I've been collecting paper that is good on one side for quite some time. I finally took a bunch of pages, clipped them together, used matte board for covers, and kraft paper (grocerybag paper) spraymounted as the spine, and after drilling holes, string (left over from a project) for the binding. Since the paper is from old bags, and the matte board too small to use on anything, it's all reused materials (cept for the spray mount).
Sure, some people point out that the paper is less thick than a 'real' sketchbook and that whats on those pages might show through occasionally. All the better, IHHO. The pages collected from day-to-day life have an influence upon my work. Art> msg #5407 (5 remaining)] Read cmd -> --------------------------------------------------------------------------------