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20030617 - confusion is next

"grace miller"a perfect stranger and a professed 13 year old girl has added me to her circle of friends.

that is all.

20030611 - Bum adjustment

I gave a co-worker a bottle of good homebrew, today, for making a "bum adjustment" in a local parking garage. Some panhandler was harassing people enough to threaten some nice people, so my co-worker adjusted his attitude. (This situation was almost the inverse of something that might go down in Valencia by Michelle Tea.) I doubt I'd ever do that sort of thing, and this co-worker is pretty easy going and doesn't seem like the type to have issues with his anger management, so I felt pretty secure that I wasn't rewarding 'bad' behavior so much as rewarding someone re-drawing a line.

In other panhandler news, I saw my man last night, Mr. Paint-Splattered-Single-Father-Of-A-Seven-Year-Old-Girl, he walked up to a bus stop and was 'looking at a bus schedule' as he checked out the covered trash can. Just sort of made me feel good to se 'my man' again. And to see how he works. If I didn't have C in the car telling me she didn't like this obsession with this guy, I would have followed him around for a while at a discreet distance.

20030610 - Burning Man Dust Storm

What happens at Burning Man during a dust storm.

20030609 - I want a trash bag!

I keep seeing various warning signs, advisories, etc. and trying to subvert them by changing something in the text to "plastic bag". The last one I started reading to myself thinking I was being clever was a warning on an actual plastic bag.

20030605 - alien antennae

Tehreasa Stimson, I still find your hair in my stuff. Bleached and dyed green in with the dremel bits.

20030603 - P-p-p-plastic. R-r-r-rayon.

[To be read in a booming, advisory announcer's voice from the other side of the apartment.]

Plastic bags are not toys.

Please keep your head and arms inside the plastic bag at all times.

No plastic bags beyond this point due to New York State health regulations.

Do not feed the plastic bags.

If a plastic bag does approach you, back away slowly.

No plastic bags, Monday through Friday, 7AM to 9AM, 4PM to 6PM.

WARNING: This plastic bag is not a life saving device.

Do not use plastic bags for treatment of vaginal yeast infections.

All employees must wash their hands after using the plastic bag.

Only one plastic bag to a customer.

They can have my plastic bag when they pry it from my cold, dead shopping cart.


Yes, the apartment move is done, and now we have a new bigass loft-type space. All the better to make important announcements in.

20030421 - TV Turnoff Week

You already heard about it on NPR, but here's the site for TV Turnoff Week.

I thought much of it was sorta funny...advice to people on how to cope, etc. I think I could use some counseling to help me cope with the trauma of having watched episodes of Small Wonder.

20030415 - Aerosmith trivia

You know the song "Janie's Got A Gun"?

It's a little known fact that the original concept for the song was "Janie's Got A Tuba."

And in the video, the Janie character wasn't supposed to write "LOST" in dirt, trash, and broken bits of household effluvia, but "OOMPAH".