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  808 StateGorgeous 
Laurie AndersonBright Red 
Strange Angels 
the Ugly One with the Jewels and Other Stories 
United States Live4CD Box Set
  Aphex Twin...I care because you do 
Richard D. James Album 
  Apparat Organ QuartetApparat Organ Quartetdupe
thanks Tim
Fiona AppleTidal 
Daniel AshThis Lovesingle
Chiastic SlideimportENG
Peel Sessionsingle
tri repetae++2CD
Generic RockNot too impressive, but not all that bad. Mostly generic semi-funky rock.[991120]
Roy AyersEvolution: The Polydoor Anthology2CD Slipcase
Johann Sebastian BachComplete Orchestral Works8CD
Chet BakerPlays and Sings the Great Balladsmy review
sings and plays from the film Let's Get Lostsoundtrack
the Best of Chet Baker Singscalled Let's Get Lost on the CD
my review
  Bauhaus1979-1983, Volume 1 
Burning From The Inside 
In the Flat Field{8}
For die-hard fans or anyone who wants a Bauhaus sampler Most of the songs are identical to the ones on the other albums, so this is either an album for the fan who wants everything or this one makes a good introduction to early Bauhaus for someone who's not looking to buy a lot of albums. Solid general Bauhaus (with the lyrics!) without the playful side that came out of the later albums. [980911]
Press the Eject and Give Me the Tape 
Rest in Peace2CD importENG live
the final concert On July 5th, 1983, Bauhaus played their last concert (well, last for 15 years, anyway) at the Hammersmith Palais in London. This is a live recording of that show, with no editing done on it. Disk one is the main show. Disk two is the encore, which went longer than expected and sent the message that the band was, as rumored, dead (undead undead undead). Rest in Peace.[980818]
Swing the Heartache the BBC SessionsimportENG
the singles: 1981-1983importENG maxi-single picture-disk
the Sky's Gone Out 
Les BaxterLes Baxter 
  BentProgrammed to Love 
The Bone Peoplea Regular Dervishspoken word album
listed as the bone people & debra marquart. debra marquart's a bone person, i guess she's listed seperately cause this is a spoken word album (riffed poetry: a spoken word project). she's also a professor at iastate.
Orange Paradelocal ames band
Tracy BonhamThe Burdens of Being Upright 
David BowieChangesbowie2LP
clear vinyl
the Singles 1969 to 19932CD BMGversion
  BradfordShouting Quietly 
the Brand New HeaviesBrother Sister 
  BreatherCry For Meep
  Brooklyn Funk essentialsCool and Steady and Easy 
  Brothers and SystemsTranscontinential Weekend 
Norman BrownAfter the Storm 
Jeff BuckleyGrace 
Sketches for My Sweetheart the Drunk2CD
Sketches for My Sweetheart the Drunk2CD
LTJ BukemJourney Inwards2CD
William S BurroughsSpare Ass Annie and Other Tales 
  Cabaret Voltaire2 x 45 
WTBS sticker
Drinking Gasoline2LP
Eight Crepuscule Tracks 
the Drain Train/the Pressure Company 
  CakeProlonging the Magic 
John CampbellOne Believer 
  Camper Van BeethovenKey Lime Pie 
Our Beloved Revolutionary Sweetheart 
Telephone Free Landslide Victory 
  Captain & TennilleLove Will Keep Us TogetherLP

Nick CaveAnd The Ass Saw The Angel 
Let Love In 
the Chemical BrothersDig Your Own Hole 
Exit Planet Dust 
  Christian DeathOnly Theatre of Pain 
Sexy Death God 
the ChurchGold Afternoon Fix 
Priest = Aura 
Russian Autumn Heartmaxi-single
  Cibo MattoStereotype A 
Viva! La Womanpromo
Leonard CohenCohen Live 
Famous Blue Raincoat: The Songs of Leonard Cohentribute by Jennifer Warnes
I'm Your Fan [Tribute]tribute
I'm Your Man 
More Best of 
New Skin for the Old Ceremony 
Recent Songs 
So Long, MarianneimportCAN
Songs From a Room 
Songs of Leonard Cohen 
Songs of Leonard CohenLP
Ten New Songs 
The Future 
Tower of Song [Tribute]tribute
Various Positions 
Lloyd ColeLove Story 
John ColtraneA Love Supreme 
  Combustible EdisonI, Swinger 
Chris ConnellyPhenobarb Bambalam 
Whiplash Boychild 
Carl CraigMore Songs About Food And Revolutionary Art 
  CujoAdventures in Foam 
the Cure100 Tears [Tribute]tribute
Lovesong12” single
Love Song, Love Song, 2 Late, Fear of Ghosts
Lullaby12” single
Lullaby, Homesick, Untitled
Mixed Up 
  DAGApartment #635 
  Danzigblackacidevil96 release
Miles DavisPanthalassa: The Remixes [Tribute]tribute
Stuart Davis16 Nudeslive
live album recorded at the Maintenance Shop in Ames, IA
I was there
most of my body is in the liner notes
Live at Montreuxlive
  Dead Can DanceToward the Withinlive
Within the Realm of a Dying Sun 
the Dead MilkmenBucky FelliniLP
thanks alissa
  DebargeThe Ultimate Collection 
Chico DebargeLong Time No See 
  Deee-LiteDewdrops in the GardenPromo
  Depeche ModeMaster and Servant
slavery whip mix
12” single
thanks alissa
Master & Servant, (Set Me Free) Remotivate Me, Master & Servant (voxless)
  Dissecting TableHuman Breeding 
  DJ SpookyModern Mantra 
  DJ Spooky That Subliminal KidNecropolis: The Dialogic Project 
Songs of a Dead Dreamer 
Synthetic Fury EPEP
Pleasures of the Night 
Furnacewinky cover
TechAmbientNoise Occasionally funky, occasionally noisy, technoambient.[991120]
  Dr. Buzzard's Original Savannah BandThe Very Best of Dr. Buzzard's Original Savannah Band 
  DustedWhen We Were Young 
  Earth, Wind & FireThe Eternal Dance3CD Boxed
  Echo and the BunnymenEcho and the BunnymenLP
Ocean Rain 
  Einstürzende NeubautenStrategies Against Architecture Vol. 22CD
  En VogueBorn To Sing 
Runaway Loveep
  EnigmaMCMXC A.D.dub that I found
Brian EnoAli Clickmaxi-single
Ambient 1: Music For Airports 
Ambient 4: On Land 
Apollo: Atmospheres & Soundtracks 
Dali's CarimportGER
brian eno sings
Fractal Zoommaxi-single
Ambient 2: The Plateaux Of Mirror 
  EnyaOrinoco Flow (Sail Away)12” single
Orinoco Flow (Sail Away), ”Smaoitím…”, Out of the Blue
  EstheroBreath From Another 
  Everything But the GirlAmplified Heart 
Dr. Jerry FalwellThe End of the World! How Near Is It?LP
Dr. Jerry
and the
Lynchburg Baptist College Chorale
The Divine Mandate
Sing A Song Of Love
1049 & 1050
  Fantastic Plastic MachineFantastic Plastic Machine 
  FishboneFishbone 101 - Nuttasaurusmeg Fossil Fuelin' The Fonkay2CD
  Fleetwood MacGreatest Hits 
  Free KittenNice Ass 
Robert Fripp1995 Soundscapes v1 - Radiophonics 
1995 Soundscapes v2 - A Blessing of Tears 
1995 Soundscapes v3 - That Which Passes 
1996 Soundscapes - November Suite - Live at Green Park Station 
1999 Soundscapes - Live In Argentina 
The Gates of Paradisemultimedia bit
(No Pussyfooting) 
The Essential Fripp & Eno 
  Front 242Front by Front 1988 - 1989 
Geography 1981 - 1983 
Tyranny For You 
  Future Sound of LondonAcceleratorwinky cover
Far-Out Son of Lung and the Ramblings of a MadmanimpHOL
the Future Sound of London
(also Amorphous Androgynous)
Amorphous Androgynous
Tales Of Ephidrina
Dead Cities 
Lifeforms: Paths 1 - 7EP
My Kingdomsingle
les Gammasexcercices de styles 
  Gang of Four100 Flowers Bloom2CD Box
A Brief History of the Twentieth Centuryneo-markist pro-femist funky-punk
Peel Sessions 
Solid Gold & Another Day/Another Dollar 
Marvin GayeInner City Blues: The Music of Marvin Gaye [Tribute]tribute
  Gipsy KingsThe Best of the Gipsy Kings 
  GodfleshPuremy review
  Golden PalominosDead Inside 
Drunk With Passion 
No Thought, No Breath, No Eyes, No HeartEP
Jerry GoldsmithLogan's Run & Comasoundtrack
  Gotan ProjectLa Revancha del Tango2CD
the Great KatBeethoven on Speed 
Bjőrk GudmundsdóttirGling-Gló 
Selmasongs: Dancer in the Dark 
PJ HarveyRid of Me 
Robyn Hitchcock and the EgyptiansElement of Light 
Globe of Frogs 
I Often Dream of Trains 
Queen Elvis 
The Kershaw SessionsimportENG
  Ingy and friendsthe Sound of Lifedying dutch girl sings the standards
  Jasmine Love BombAn Announcement7” limited edition 1445 of 1500
An Announcement, Empire Sun, From Last Summer
the Jesus and Mary ChainBarbed Wire Kisses (B-Sides and More)LP thanks alissa
Howard JonesThe Best of Howard Jones 
  Joy DivisionSubstance (1977-1980) 
  Jump 'N The Saddle Bandthe Curly Shuffle45
Nusrat Fateh Ali KhanShahbaaz 
The Day, the Night, the Dawn, the Duskthanks ICPL & alissa
  King MissileThe Way to Salvationthanks alissa
  King SwampWiseblooda dave allen (Gang of Four/Shriekback) project
Wise Blood and Everything That Rises Must Converge (a shriekback song) are both titles of books by Flannery O'Connor
  KissAce FrehleyLP poster gone
DynastyLP poster(?) gone
Gene SimmonsLP poster gone
Paul StanleyLP poster gone
Peter CrissLP poster gone
Naďve: Hell To Go 
  KMFDM vs. PigSin Sex & SalvationEP
  Kronos QuartetKronos Quartet - 25 Years10CD Box Set
  Las ToallitasVolcano 
  Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra
with Wynton Marsalis
Live in Swing City - Swingin' With Duke 
  Little Jack Melody
and His Young Turks
My Charmed Life 
Noise and Smokelive
On the Blank Generationthanks tarin
World of Fireworks 
  Lords of AcidLust 
  Love and RocketsEarth Sun Moon 
Sweet F.A. 
  LowI Could Live In Hope 
Last Night I Dremt That Somebody Loved Meep
Long Division 
One more reason to forget 
owL Remix Low 
Secret Name 
Song for a Dead Pilot{10}
my review
the Curtain Hits The Cast 
Things We Lost in the Fire 
Dirty Three
in the fishtankimpCAN
Roger Joseph
Manning, Jr
Logan's Sanctuary 
Marilyn MansonSmells Like Childrenfound it and can't give it away
  MC 900 Ft JesusKiller Inside MeimpCAN
One Step Ahead of the Spider 
Welcome to My Dream 
  MC 900 Ft Jesus
with DJ Zero
Hell With the Lid OffimpCAN

I'm Going Straight To HeavenimpCAN
Too BadimpCAN
UFO's Are RealimpCAN
  Mediocre SuperheroesHeroes in Traininglocal Ames ska band self produced album
MicronautChris Randall of Sister Machine Gun does tech
  MindphaseoneA Wave Length Away 
  MinistryFilth Pig 
The Land of Rape and Honey 
Joni MitchellCourt and Spark 
Dog Eat Dog 
The Birth Caul 
The Moon and Serpent Grand Egyptian Theatre of Marvels{10}
Part Poetry, Part Shamanistic Spell This is an extended spoken words piece by Alan Moore with music by David J (of Bauhaus/Love and Rockets fame) and Tim Perkins. It's mystic, edgy, dark, and 60 minutes of something to have to pay attention to. The liner notes call it part poetry/prose reading and part shamanistic spell, and this is the recording of one of the three nights it was performed (as Shoemaker-Levy encountered Jupiter). This is a 5 star CD for people who like spoken word not someone who wants to git up n dance. Not only is this a good reading of some tight material, it also has some exceedingly funny bits. ”And at the center of the universe there is a plaque. And on that plaque it says....”[980909]
  My Life with the Thrill Kill KultConfessions Of A Knife… 
I See Good Spirits, I See Bad Spirits 
SexplosionimportCan waxtrax1991 version
  My Scarlet LifeBuzzbomb 
Danse Amour 
  NegativlandNegativland Presents Over the Edge, Vol. 2: Pastor Dick - Muriel's Purse Fundthanks Nathan
  New Order(the Best of) New Order 
Substance 1987 Disc 2 
Juice NewtonQueen of Hearts45
Leonard NimoyMr. Spock's Music from Outer Space 
Mojo NixonGirlfriend in a Comasingle promo
Sinead O'ConnorThe Lion and the Cobra 
Mike OldfieldTubular Bells 
Tubular Bells 2 
  One Ring ZeroInterludes And Out-takes From The Pumpkin Pie Show 
Tranz Party 
the Orbthe orb's adventures beyond the ultraworld2CD
  OrbitalIn Sides2CD
Nothing LeftImpENG
  OusiaStates of Being 
Why is That a Four? 
  Pansy DivisionMore Lovin' From Our Ovensigned
the Alan Parsons ProjectEye in the Sky45
Astor PiazzollaAstor Piazzolla Remixed [Tribute]tribute
Tango: Zero Hour 
Gub / Spoon Breakfast 
  Poi Dog PonderingWishing Like a Mountain and Thinking Like the Seathanks lisa
  Pop Will Eat ItselfEverything's Cool?single importENG
Willy PorterFalling Forward 
  Prayer TowerHalo 
  PsychoticaMacArthur Park / Ding Dong Dead12”
limited edition promo
thanks t
  Q-Burns Abstract MessageOeuvre 
  Rabbit in the MoonThe Rabbit in the Moon Remixes 
  Real LifeSend Me An Angel45
  Red ElvisesBetter Than Sex 
I Wanna See You Belly Dance 
  Red Hot Chili PeppersMother's Milk 
the ReplacementsLet It Be 
the Residents13th Anniversary ArmbandArmband from when Mr. Red Eye was stolen.
Assorted Secrets#1062 of 1200
Buckaroo BluesEP limited
Commercial AlbumLP
purple logo
Commercial Album [remastered] 
Cube-E: Live in Holland1990 release
Diskomo 2000EP
ESD 2000
Dot.Com#883 of 1200
Double ShotminiCD
Duck Stab / Buster & GlenLP
Eyesore: A Stab at the Residents [Tribute]tribute
Fingerprince1987 release
Freak Show CD-ROM Original SoundtrackEuro-Ralph release
my review
Gingerbread Man 
God in Three Persons2LP
my epinions review
and my review of the instrumental album
God In Three Persons & The Soundtrack2CD
Euro Ralph EuroDeluxe pressing reviews of: the album and the soundtrack
Have A Bad Day 
Holy Kiss of FleshminiCD
Huntersdiscovery channel TV series soundtrack
Icky FlixDVD
my review of the Icky Flix Concert
Kaw-Liga Dance Mix12”
Kaw-Liga x 3
Land of Mystery (UWEB Collection)#981 of 1300
Live at the Fillmore2CD, #136 of 1200
Mark of the Mole1998 remaster
Our Tired, Our Poor, Our Huddled Masses4CD Box Set importENG
Pollex Christi2nd pressing of limited edition
Roosevelt 2.0#582 of 1200
Stars & Hank Forever
The Music of Hank Williams and John Philip Sousa
The American Composer's Series 2
The Big BubbleESD 1989 version with bonus tracks
The King and EyeimpWGermany
the Mole Show Picture Disk LiveLP
The Tunes Of Two Cities1998 remaster
Video VoodooVHS
Whatever Happened To Vileness Fats?LP
Wormwood Live 19992CD, #1135 of 1200
Wormwood: Curious Stories from the Bible 
the Residents songs
by Marc Plainguet
Chris Yambar
Mr. Skull's Magical Eyeball Mystery Bandtribute
#33 of 40

  RevengeOne True Passion 
  Rosetta Stoneepitome epEP
  SadeThe Best of Sade 
  Savage Aural HotbedCold is the Absence of Heatdrummers of drums, garbage, steel/plastic barrels, springs, pipes, bridges
Gomi Daiko 
Pressure of Silence 
the Strain and Force Handbook 
  SerartSerartCD + DVD
the ShamenMove Any Mountain (Progen 91)LP
thanks alissa
the Sheila DivineThe Sheila DivineEP
David ShireTaking of Pelham 1-2-3dupe
  ShriekbackAberrations 81-842CD
Includes Naked Apes & Pond Life CD
Big Night Music 
Go Bang! 
Go Bang!LP
thanks alexis
Jam ScienceLP
Natural History: The Very Best of Shriekback2CD importENG
Oil and Gold 
Priests and Kanibals(Best of)importGER
Sacred City 
sexthinkone x 2, here comes my hand clap
The Best of Shriekback I: The InfiniteimportENG
aka - Natural History disk one
The Best of Shriekback II: EvolutionimportENG
aka - Natural History disk two
the Dancing Years 
Talvin SinghOK 
Talvin Singh Presents: Anokha Soundz of the Asian Underground 
the SisterhoodGiftLP
Andrew Eldritch didn't want his ex-band mates to form a band with this name, so he released this album.
  Sisters of Mercy”Dark, Depressed and Deadly”bootleg
Echo2CD bootleg
First and Last and Always 
First and Last and Forever [Tribute]tribute
I Don't Go There Nowbootleg 87 of 250
I Don't Go There Nowbootleg 112 of 250
I Don't Go There Now2 copies of the bootleg
I Don't Go There Nowbootleg 225 of 250
I Was Wrong/Interviewpromo
Lucretia My Reflection single12” single
small edge warp
Lucretia My Reflection, Long Train (1984)
Lucretia My Reflection single12” single
Lucretia My Reflection x 3
Some Girls Wander By MistakeimportENG boxed set
the Reptile House E.P.12” EP
Kiss, Lights, Valentine, Fix, Burn
The Sisters of Mercy12” EP
Alice, Floorshow, Phantom, 1969
Thoughts and PrayersholoviewCD interview
Vision Thing 
  Six Ways To SundayShades of Gray 
the SmithsBest, Volume 1 
Best, Volume 2 
The World Still Won't Listen [Tribute]tribute

Snakefinger and
The Spot45 RR7805
Blue Vinyl
The Spot, Smelly Tongues
What Wilbur? / Kill the Great Raven45 RR WIL7909
What Wilbur?, Kill the Great Raven
  Snakefinger's Vestal VirginsThere's No Justice in Life45 RR8715
There's No Justice In Life, Move
  Sonic Youtha Thousand Leaves 
Bad Moon Rising + 
Confusion is Sex plus Kill Yr. Idols 
Daydream Nation 
Dirtydub of my LP
thanks alissa
Experimental Jet Set, Trash And No Star 
Hold That Tigerlive
Murray Street 
NYC Ghosts & Flowers 
Screaming Fields of Sonic Love 
Silver Session (for Jason Knuth)EP
SYR1the french cover
SYR2the dutch cover
SYR3the esperanto cover
SYR4: Goodbye 20th Century2CD
QT movie
the english cover
SYR5the japanese cover
Washing Machine 
  Sonic Youth
Ciccone Youth
The Whitey Album 
  SpindriftWe Come From the United States{2}
Generic Guitar Rock Imagine the Clash: lead singer's voice, guitar driven songs. Now imagine Kraftwerk. The funky, clunky sound effects. Now, imagine that it's 1999 and for some reason putting these two grandfather bands together makes sense. Nothing spectacular, but not a disappointment for the rock genre, either. [991123]
  StereolabDots and Loops 
The First of the Microbe HuntersEP
Transient Random Noise-Bursts With Announcements 
Igor StravinskyMusic for Two Pianos 
the SugarcubesHere Today, Tomorrow Next Week! 
Life's Too Good 
the SundaysReading, Writing, and Arithmetic 
static & silence 
  SurvivorEye of the Tiger45
Jimmy Swaggart and his Golden Gospel PianoJesus Is The Sweetest Name I KnowLP JLP116
You Don't Need To UnderstandLP JLP109
Jimmy SwaggertHow To Receive the Baptism in the Holy Spirit5LP Box Set
16 2/3RPM
the Swingle SingersBach Hits Back 
Bach Hits Back: A new a cappella tribute 
David SylvianApproaching Silence 
Brilliant Trees & Words With the Shaman 
Dead Bees on a Cake 
Gone To Earth2LP
Gone To Earth 
Gone to Earth [Remastered]2CD
Secrets of the Beehive 
Flux + Mutability 
Plight & PremonitionLP
Plight & Premonition 
DarshanimportUK single
Jean the BirdmanimportUK single
The First Day 
Forbidden Colours 
Cecil Taylor3 Phasis 
Jimi TenorOrganism 
  Thurston Moore
w/ Tom Surgal
Not MeimpENG
  Tones on TailEverything!2CD
  TrickyPre-Millennium Tensionpromo
  Tricky / Nearly GodNearly God 
  Ultra Vivid SceneRevimportENG
  United Future OrganizationBon VoyageimpENG
  Uz Jsme DomaAutumn, Spring, Hell, Winter
(Jaro, peklo, podzim, zima)
importCZE w/pop-up book!
Fairy Tales from Needland
(Pohádky ze Zapotřebí)
In the Middle of Words
(Uprostřed slov)
Unloved world
(Nemilovaný svět)
Maurice John VaughnIn the Shadow of the City 
  Velvet UndergroundThe Best of the Velvet Undergroundthanks alissa
  Village PeopleLive and Sleazy2LP
thanks mom and dad
Jennifer WarnesJennifer WarnesLP
  Wham!Make It BigLP
  When In RomeWhen In Rome 
Neil YoungDead Man (soundtrack)soundtrack
special editon
Ambient variousAmbient: a brief history of ambient volume one2CD
Ambient: imaginary landscapes volume two2CD
Ambient: the music of changes volume three2CD
Essence of Ambience4CD
Gothic Rock variousGothic Rock2CD
Gothic Rock 2: '80s Into The '90s2CD
Hearts of Space variousMbnt: A Recollection Of Proto-Ambient Music From The Hearts Of Space 
Universe 1 Sampler 90 
Universe 3 
Universe 4 
Ralph Records variousBuy or Die #147” RR8714
Mashed Potatoe (mix by Mark Hosler of Negativland from the LP Potatoes), Jambalaya (The Residents), Bless Me For I Have Sinned/Jesus Gave Me Water (Snakefinger), Boule (Renaldo & The Loaf)
Buy or Die #14 1/27”
My Idea (Voice Farm), Innocent (Clubfoot Orchestra), Campesina (Frank Harris & Maria Marquez), Blue Rosebuds (The Residents)
Frank Jahnson's FavoritesLP
Rare on Air variousRare on Air 1 
Rare on Air 2 
Rare on Air 3 
soundtrack variousEraserhead 
La Planete SauvageimpENG
Lydia Lunch Widowspeak2CD
Seventhanks matteo
Trainspotting #2 
Twin Peaks 
Twin Peaks - Fire Walk With Me 
misc variousBlackbox
WaxTrax! Records: The first 13 years.
3CD Box set
Bossa Mundo 2 
Can You See It Yet? 1988-1993 
Cicatrix (the ritual scarring)DivaNation sampler
Earthrise.Shadow.3Shadow sampler
ESPNdisc of sample music for ESPN
Future PerfectGyroscope sampler. Eno related.
Future Perfect: Music For ListeningUltraModern sampler
various MN bands, ”A kicky blend of droney ambient trance muzik.” got it for Savage Aural Hotbed
Industrial F**king Strength2CD Industrial Strength sampler
komposi001label of eco-hed, micronaut, sister machine gun, etc.
Smashed Hits from Index on Censorship Issue 98#6 
Some Bizzare ”ISH”LP
Sometimes God Hides: The Young Persons' Guide to DisciplineDiscipline Global Mobile sampler
The Roland Shaw Orchestra - Themes for Secret AgentsLP