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  • Inspiration
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    • allow uploads Pictogram resolved.svg
  • Foamcore mockup Pictogram voting comment.svg
  • Illustrator Diagrams
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Questions/Next Steps

  • Frame construction:
    • Wall thickness to determine frame width (DONE)
    • What shape of steel? (DONE)
    • Get ball measurement (DONE)
    • Figure out angle for a-frame coupler attachment (DONE)
    • etc
  • Foamcore mockup:
    • Footwell: Did the changes to the design when making the .ai shrink the legroom too much?
    • Footwell: Do we want a shoe-shelf? Full width or just side triangles?
    • Headboard: What to do with the headboard? Play with designs.
  • Foamcore construction:
    • Start getting Foamcore from SCRAP (pay attention to thickness) Pictogram resolved.svg
    • Get a final set of measurements Pictogram resolved.svg
    • Take foamcore to Am Steel to start building in the space (and see how we fit)
    • we should probably set a date
  • next steps:
    • add bolt locations to diagrams






  • 108" x 56" plywood, made from 2 5x5' sheets of 1/2" thick plywood. Framed underneath with 1x2, 1x3, 1x4 birch(?).
  • 1x4" piece to help join the 2 pieces of plywood.
  • 1x3" piece to span the mid-back which has no frame piece below.
  • 1x2" pieces frame the rest.
  • Grooves cut in middle framing pieces for the running lights.
  • Bottom covered by roofing asphalt.
    • UPDATE 7/26/16 mounted led strip on underside of base with 1/2" clips and 1/2" flathead screws


  • Side Walls
    • 1/4 outside plywood, 3/4th framing & insulating board, 1/4 interior (Birch?) plywood
  • Roofwall
  • Fenders? (SEE FRAME)


  • Kynar Coated Sheet
    • RMS Metals in San Jose 408-295-0911
      • Have an order on hold with them for 3ct 4'x9' 24ga silver metallic, 1ct 4'x11' 24ga silver metallic
  • Aluminum
    • Sheet metal in east bay: [1] or [2] or [3] (none of these are vetted, i'm just looking things up.
    • Aluminum vs Kynar coat - weight, availability, width! I can't find Kynar coated sheet wider than 4' which makes skinning the top a bitch! Using magnets would be cool, but it's not that deep. Likely going with aluminum for ease of skinning.
  • llll design
    • Toastmaster logo: [4] and [5]


  • How to hold open?


  • shape
  • location
  • construction
  • Latches (flush or sticking out?)
  • Windows (crank v slide)

Front Box

Accessory Mounting/Storage

  • table mounts and storage
  • spare tire


  • Cabin color based on dark brown stain on the plywood. Have already tested taking propane torch to wood for a true burnt look, but control was somewhat hard and just more pleased with overall the stained look.
  • Clock somewhere in head or foot. (Stereo?)
  • Stereo in Head (or Foot?)
  • Speakers in Head (or Foot?) and Kitchen.


Main challenge is getting some sort of cabinet door that is sturdy enough.


Consider mini shelf down below for shoes, etc. Green soft-boxes we currently use for clothes are 10.5 x 10.5 x 11" tall (give or take, they're soft).


Note: Standard countertop height = 36" Ground to underside of frame = 15.775" Current height of galley bottom storage = 19.75" This puts us at 35.5" for galley counter height. (yay!)


Toast/Butter/Jelly theme: Jelly colored pillow cases with dark brown comforter cover.

  • I'd like to go with circuitry theme. -Courtney