Post From the Wiki Last Week

20140503 Courtney

Started the build journal page. Need someplace to talk about this in the abstract, right?

Yesterday, we received our largest delivery of supplies yet: coupler, stabilizer jacks, swivel jack, rims, tires, valve stems, fenders, axle-less suspension system. Today, we got the tail/turn lights. We already had the safety chains and connectors. We’re scheduled to go weld the frame together on the 16th. I’ve started snapping pictures of things as they come in, mostly out of excitement, but I’m just realizing we should set up someplace to put photos, because there will be a TON more relatively soon, and we’ll want to share.


Also starting to think about scheduling. We’re doing the frame in Lovelock (road trip!! woo!!), but once we get it back to AmSteel, we’ll need to start some sort of scheduling 1) so we know what we’re doing next and 2) so we can share with other people what we’re doing next. I’ll probably take down this gawd awful pink dry erase board from above my desk and mount it in the shop. That’ll be a good place to leave notes and think on the fly down there. And now I’m thinking about how to share info with folks in a general sense.

Pre-history: NINKs

When we both were laid off in 11 days of each other in 2009, we both immediately thought “Road Trip!” We set up the No Income, No Kids blog to track our travels as we drove around the country dragging Shorty behind us.

(And wow, I’d forgotten all about the cranky motel manager…)

After that trip we only posted a couple more times when we took the trailer out again and thus the /travels/ blog sort of died on the vine. We’ve decided to let it lie and just link to it from here and move on.