Why Toaster?

I love toast. I mean really love toast.
When I was little, I would wake up in the morning, go to the kitchen, and make myself toast. Preferably with lots of butter, jelly, and cheese, or the occasional smear of Braunschweiger. (Don’t judge me!) The toaster would greet me every morning, gleaming and faithful. It was the toaster my parents got for their wedding in 1962. It was a Toastmaster.

the original

the original

When I started making noises about building a second trailer, Roy and I agreed that we needed some sort of design or theme to build around. The first trailer was done because I wanted to build a trailer, period, and design and planning didn’t really enter the equation until after the fact, when we looked at it and thought “Wow, that’s kinda generic.” Riffing one night, we landed on the topic of the toaster, my childhood toaster, and all the good feelings I associated with it. The closest profile we could figure to match the profile was a Benroy, so that’s what we used as a starting point for our plans. It looks rather toastery. And voila! A theme was born!

Pre-history: NINKs

When we both were laid off in 11 days of each other in 2009, we both immediately thought “Road Trip!” We set up the No Income, No Kids blog to track our travels as we drove around the country dragging Shorty behind us.

(And wow, I’d forgotten all about the cranky motel manager…)

After that trip we only posted a couple more times when we took the trailer out again and thus the /travels/ blog sort of died on the vine. We’ve decided to let it lie and just link to it from here and move on.