Black Rock Desert and back

July 9, 2009

Took a little visit to the Black Rock Desert for “the 4th of Julplaya”.  We still hadn’t quite gotten around to washing off the trailer from the big trip.  Before we went we had a couple more maintenance things to do: re-weatherstrip the doors and back hatch (including the bottom of them, this time, as […]


Teardropping at Ocean Cove

June 2, 2009

We took Shorty out for some camping with the other tear-droppers at Ocean Cove, CA. There are some crazy stone formations there where the wind and sea has eroded the stone.  C’s posted pictures in her Ocean Cove album. While there Doug of the Crazy Pants pointed out that we were missing a bolt in […]


Santa Fe express

April 29, 2009

When we last checked in, we were in Denver and starting to slowly get ready to head out.  Left a bunch of deer meat with my brother, emptied the last of the Third Base Brewing Hopnesia from the growler, packed up, and headed on down 25. We went down to the bottom of Colorado and […]


night 2

April 5, 2009

We spent night 2 parked on a street in Williams, AZ,  less than a block away from Grand Canyon Brewing.  What else can you do in a case like this, but climb into the trailer, heat up the electric bed warmer, and watch an episode of Dynasty? We decide to follow up Ray’s connection (his […]


Packing List

April 3, 2009

(this is a partial list, I’ll have you know) LARD* audio cord wire lights stereo face mattress warmer sheets first aid kit bleach wipes paper towels (with bungee) Fire Extinguisher Stove & Fuel Top Drawer: towels x2 latex gloves batteries fuses tp x2 napkins pencil Middle Drawer: clothespins ziplocks lighter zip ties scissors trash bags […]


on camera; failure; success.

April 2, 2009

I had a very busy day today.  Woke up on the first alarm* and got ready for the documentary interview.  I got selected to go first so I could drive the trailer over to San Leandro to get the wheel bearings pulled and regreased.  The interview went ok, just started getting over feeling self-conscious and […]


“you built a what?”

March 30, 2009

First question: What is a Teardrop Trailer? “Teardrop trailers are camping trailers that were popular from the ’30s to the ’50s.  They typically sleep two inside, and have a galley under a rear hatch.  From there, the possibilities are endless.  Thousands of home builders and a dozen commercial builders have come up with a myriad […]