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April 14, 2009

Eventually figured out where the coolant link was coming from.  After we survived a windy night parked in a Walmart in ATL (bad enough a tree fell down on a car on Peachtree Battle and killed the driver).  As we started heading to R. Thomas to eat the car temp started rising.  Popped the hood and I could see that there were two pin-sized streams of coolant shooting out of the bottom of the reserviour tank.  Once I got the tank off, I could see that the whole panel looks like it’s about to blow.  Age plus too much heat looks to be the problem, rather than road-rash and/or damage from a missing screw.

"I'm giving her ass we've got, but she's about to blow, Captain."

"She's about to blow, Captain."

It took a day for the tank to arrive, so we’ve been stirring up trouble at the in-laws.

Today I got the new tank in, including putting in a “U” clip and bolt at the end by the wiper fluid tank that was missing before, so now the tank is less likely to walk.

New coolant reservoir tank in place.

New coolant reservoir tank in place.

Took the car for a spin around the Mableton, GA area during evening rush-hour to check it out, temp sits just where it should be with jus a wave at a higher temp when stopping after running hard.

"Look Ma!  No Drips!"

"Look Ma! No Drips!"

Looks like we can close this chapter on the car maintenance saga.

Tomorrow, we’ll try to connect with some more peeps in the ATL area and hopefully hit Our Way Cafe.

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