ATL (& Decatur)

April 16, 2009

List of places visited so far:

  • Squash Blossom Boutique: Courtney used to moonlight there.
  • Raging Burrito: which inexplicably has a franchise outpost in Rochester, NY, but it’s in a volleyball court/bar so has a completely different vibe.
  • Twains, the local Decatur hang out of old: now it’s  a brewpub as well.
  • The Brickstore Pub: also has a great beer selection including a big cellared selection.
  • Out Way Cafe: dropped by to talk to Jody, great friend and owner.
  • Burger Win: Apparently there’s not enough room on the sign for any more characters.
  • The Independent: played a game of pool.

And we’re staying with our friend Reba Smackentire from the Atlanta Rollergirls.

Tonight, we’re going to Twains again, and then to Coyotes to meet with Courtney’s troop of “Lunch Ladies” from her stint at Agnes Scott College.  Maybe take a spin past what we think is Waffle House #1 which appears to be a Waffle House Museum, now.  And the Waffle House #1000 across the street and see if Burt (of Burt’s Chili) is working the grill.

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