ATL & Decatur to Indiana

April 19, 2009

So finishing up in ATL/Decatur:
Walked to the Earl for breakfast, and then went to Atlanta Motorcycle & Repair to see Paul’s shop and take lot of pictures of scooters and Courtney had her first ever spin on a scooter around the parking lot.  Then we went to my old employer (2000-2001) and couldn’t get past the front desk, but ex-coworker Freddy came and talked to me for a while.   That evening we went to stopped at Thinking Man Tavern to see if there were any recognizable locals (there weren’t) and then to Coyotes for Margaritas with our good friend Jody (of Our Way Cafe) and Courtney’s ex-co-workers Abagail and Bernardo, and my ex-co-workers (and friends) Liliana and Murdock.  Liliana just got laid off that day, so there was much commiseration.

Played fetch with Reba Smackentire’s pathological, hefty dog Sydney (with Pumpkinhead in tow, unwilling to fetch but loving to steal the ball),  Sydney would eventually tire out and hide under a table, but the second the ball was in the Chuck-It stick, he was up and ready to chase the ball some more.  I worked him so hard he threw up twice.  Sorry Sydney, I thought you’d know when to stop.

It was strange to see so many bicycles in the Atlanta metro area.  When we left  there was a pedestrian fatality something like every week.  I can’t ever even recall seeing a bike on the street, thought I’m sure I did once or twice.  Now, even with 1 million more people in the metro area, there’s quite a lot of spandex warriors as well as some regular people on bikes.

Being in Atlanta again after so much time (for a short period of time) I begin to realize that the idea of Atlanta in my mind is a lot more oppressive than the actual place is.  The traffic lights with the holes burnt in the green lenses are still here, but I don’t feel the same about the place.  I wonder how many of the negative things that I felt about this place were more about this being the first real city I ever lived in and really had little to do with Atlanta or Georgia or The South.

Then again, within 50 miles of entering Texas, clear through Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Georgia til we got past the border mountains in Tennessee, far too many people were driving like meth-addled armadillo tossers.  SUV’s and penis cars weaving in and out of traffic, not letting people merge, blocking trucks from being able to let other trucks merge, the usual bullethead maneuvers.

We Atlanta, drove up to Indianapolis and hung out with Nikki, Courtney’s BFF from highschool.  I played tug-of-war with her dog, Ginger, for something like 2 hours but just stopped short of making the dog puke.

Now we’re heading to Courtney’s parents’ place in Crown Point, IN.  And we’re still leaking some small amount of coolant….maybe I’ll need to replace the hoses that attach to that shiny new tank.

Soon up: visiting the brewpub we’re partners in:  Three Floyds Brewpub in Munster, IN.

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  1. I have not done a ton of highway driving down here. NOLA city driving is differently chaotic than Twin Cities driving. Up there: hesitant merging, cars without fully scraped windows, and the Minnesota Flying Wedge*. Down here: bold lane cutting maneuvers, impatience and honking at green lights, and (assumption only) way more people driving around intoxicated. Both places: lots of cell phone yakkers.

    *Minnesota Flying Wedge: What happens when Minnesota drivers use the left lane for cruising instead of passing. See also: roadblock!

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