Iowa (Shellsburg, Center Point, Urbana, Vinton, Cedar Rapids)

April 22, 2009

Drove from Crown Point, IN (to Three Floyds Brewpub and then) along Route 30 to Cedar Rapids, through some of the flooded-out areas up to my parents place in the country between Shellsburg and Urbana, Center Point and Vinton.  Going slow because the car temp is crazy.  Finally made it to my parents place last night, went out to sit on hay bales to watch the Lyrid meteor shower.  This morning we got the new coolant tank in CR and put it in the car.  I’m starting to get pretty good at that part.

Now I’m sitting in John’s Truck Stop (Urbana) to use the wireless and update. This is where my dad comes for coffee in the morning to talk politics. (This was one of the sociological justifications I’ve heard for Iowa having the first caucus–the local institution of daily coffee political debate that infuses the state.) There’s 3 shifts, the morning, noon, and 3PM. My dad’s part of the morning crew. The 3PM crew has been arriving and talking to us. Just met a neighbor who has lived down the gravel road from my parents house for my entire life–I don’t think I’ve ever met him before.

Still not totally convinced the car is OK.  Going to drive around a bit without the trailer and make sure it’s behaving.  Heading down to Cedar Rapids now to see some of our friends from college.

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  1. I’ve been back to CR a few times since the flooding, and it’s something to see, but not in a Grand Canyon sort of way.

  2. *cries*

    No more Czech Town. 🙁 We still aren’t decided whether to go back this summer, though it would seem like a good idea. Does your Roy’s Mom still have that AWESOME asparagus patch? God I loved that shit..

    *smacks lips*

  3. we had some of it while we were there…just starting to sprout.

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