April 24, 2009

Last year, Cedar Rapids and most of eastern Iowa suffered from incredible flooding. I moved to Iowa the summer of 1993, and experienced the joy that is a 100 year flood. The floods last year blew 93 out of the water (good god, please pardon that pun).

Coming into Cedar Rapids day before yesterday, I was astounded and a little horrified at how the town looked disturbingly like what we just left in New Orleans. That’s a testimony to: one, how badly New Orleans was jacked up that it’s still in the condition it is today, and two, how badly Cedar Rapids really got hit. They didn’t get the same publicity, but the damage is frightening.

We made it to Roy’s parents’ place, and promptly went out on the back 40, climbed up on a hay bale, and watched a meteor storm, or at least tried. The storm wasn’t as intense as hoped for, but we saw 2. The rest of our time has been spent sleeping, hiking, catching up with old friends (hi, Tanea and Todd!), and hitting shops we miss (like the Soap Opera).

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