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April 28, 2009

We went with my parents back to the Third Base brewpub, and I’ve discovered that my father does indeed turn up past eleven.  But you just can’t take your parents anywhere: “I’ll take that with the potato wedgeies” he tells the waitron and mom responds “I’ll give you a WEDGIE!”

We left on Saturday, drove to Mason City and hung out with Michael and Kelli all day.  Even made a nostalgic visit to Perkins, but the thrill is gone.  It was great talking to them, it seems to be a four way pick-up as if we were just hanging out the week before.  (On the way to Mason City, I decided that all fortune cookie fortunes should be read aloud and followed by the phrase “…AT MENARDS.”)

We left that night because the road was calling and I was up to drive.  We didn’t make it too far because it started to rain and that sucked and we can.  We stopped at a rest stop on 35, just inside the Iowa border.  The rest stop was also a welcome center built like a big red barn.  And a casino.

The next day we gassed up at Kum & Go and headed across the bottom of Minnesota into South Dakota to start playing the “Think! Why Die?” game. (random Think blog link) I know we created and played several variations when we would go to South Dakota during the summer when I was growing up.  The rules: When you spot a THINK! fatality marker you point and shout “THINK!”.  Who ever says it first gets the point.  If there’s 3 in a row, you get points for the 3, even if you just say it once.  The winner has the highest score when you leave the state.  If you call one that isn’t actually a THINK! sign, you’re a dork, don’t do that, you lose some points or get a spanking or a threat to pull the car over.   This time we had an upset: Courtney won, 40 to 39.  Besides being morbid, this game makes you even more aware of how fragile life is and how badly people drive.

We came across South Dakota, passed Assman Implement and about 300 pheasants in the ditches and fields, dropped down to North Platte, NE when we heard there was snow in Rapid City.   Camped, and then came across 80/76 to Denver yesterday.  Hung out with the brother and his girl, and Alissa dropped by (last time I saw her was 16 years ago when she left Iowa City).

Today we’re loafing just a bit and then heading more homeward.

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  1. Where is more homeward?!

    *bats eyes*

  2. We’re taking the southern route again: no snow and we hope that it’s easier on the car.

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