March 30, 2009

I figure I should set the ground situation, first.

Roy worked as Engineering Manager for Simple Star, a dotcom startup that Roxio/Sonic Solutions acquired in April 2008.  We made PhotoShow desktop and online software.  He got his lay-off notice on inauguration day, 1/20/2009, and was told that he would be employed until the end of February to help facilitate the knowledge transfer from the team members leaving to the skeleton crew remaining in the US and new team members in China.  So he started job-free living on 3/1/2008.

Courtney worked as Gift and Trusts Assistant with The San Francisco Foundation and was given her introduction to job-free living on 3/11/2008.

We are now child-free, mortgage-free, and job-free.  Time to hit the road.

Luckily Courtney built a teardrop trailer back in 2004, so we have a place to sleep at night that we can tow with a standard car.

We got a little bit of advice from Technomadia, including an intro to Cathy Goerz, who is filming a documentary about how the recession has affected people’s lives.

Thursday we take the trailer in to get the wheel bearings regreased or replaced, soon after that we’ve sketched out a very hazy plan:  visit a bunch of places we’ve lived and/or have friends all over the country.

Currently that’s something like: leave San Francisco, CA, and take the southern route, stopping at the Grand Canyon, hit New Orleans LA, Florida, Atlanta, Rochester NY, Gary IN, farmland IA, Minneapolis MN, Denver CO, quite possibly Seattle WA, Portland OR.

7 Responses to “introduction”

  1. Roy,
    My husband would love to see your teardrop trailer. He has wanted to build one for years. We you get to farmland Iowa. Look us up on Main Street by the white church. Have a great time and good luck!

  2. I’m looking forward to reading about your adventures. We opened #46 of the homebrew on our first evening camping back in motion, in San Simeon. We thought it was quite an appropriate way to mark the occasion – to think of you guys also embarking on your own adventure.

    I hope our paths will cross out there, it would be awesome to camp with you guys again!

    Hugz to you both,
    – Cherie

  3. hurray! While I am pleased to still have a job, I will live vicariously through your adventures.

  4. Hey, I see Rochester on that there list! I’ll be watching your adventures and counting the days. Be well my friends – keep your spirits high and have fun gracing little bits of America with your shining presence.

  5. Have a great journey. I’m sorry to hear about the job losses, but way to make the most of it. If you happen to swing by the Washington, DC area maybe I can treat you to a meal.

    We have swirly bits! Cats! Hot showers! Fooooood!

    And a new Roomba that will vacuum around you effortlessly!

  7. Nomadic living is where it is at. I am very much looking forward to rendezvousing with you guys out on the road this year.

    BTW – the second bottle of homebrew got put to VERY good use. You should see the pictures… 😉

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