March 31, 2009

not having to be at work at a set time, i’ve taken to hopping on my bike or going for a walk first thing in the morning. i did not have the camera with me this morning to document this, but while riding, i think i saw a half submerged pickup truck topper poking out of the low tide sludge by the port of san francisco. or maybe it was a box.  it was large, whatever it was.

We had the pre-interview for the documentary this morning. It wasn’t the first time I sat with my feelings about all of this, but it was disorienting to explain what was going on in my head to someone else. It’s comforting to know that there’s no one way to cope with this, let alone any *right* way. Anything is fair game.

That makes for less fear and more excitement.

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  1. I just found this site! Yikes, you have to talk into a camera. Come over sooooon.

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