April 1, 2009

Yesterday I put some finishing touches on the top shelf in the kitchen: put some thin finished birch plywood behind the speakers, on the shelf itself, and in front as a lip to keep things from jumping off the shelf when we’re moving. I mis-measured the front and will need to make it taller, but that can happen some other time.

Today I put a bead of Liquid Nails around the bottom of the sleeping cabin. It probably wasn’t necessary around the whole cabin, but we’ve twice had water ‘suitcases’ leaking in the kitchen and making the mattress pads wet, so…

Also checked out the running lights, we’d noticed they weren’t working the other day, but it was just some corrosion at the connector.

Documentary interview tomorrow morning, and then I’m taking shorty to get the wheel bearings checked out and re-greased or replaced.

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