I’m jinxed.

April 4, 2009

I am never allowed to drive the approach to Williams, AZ on I40 ever again. Ever.
The first time, Thanksgiving 05, I was behind the wheel, towing Shorty (the illustrious teardrop trailer) up what I discovered later was a miserable incline* attempting to pass a semi** with another semi on my tail*** when I suddenly lose all power to the wheels. At night. Joy.

I managed to get the car (and trailer) over to the shoulder whith much concentration and profanity. We blew the rear right tire, however, due to towing the mangificent Shorty, the back end of the car was held level until we could get pulled off the road. Roy and I changed the tire, headlamps, cheery attitudes, and all. We limp into Williams and proceed to get good and trashed at Pancho McGillicuty’s.

This time,
We’re on the approach to Williams, with four fresh tires (aha! prepared!!) when on the miserable incline, I push the car into overdrive. Bad, bad bad Courtney. The car overheats. Joy. We stop, we wait, the car throws up then cools down. We refill with water and limp into Williams (notice a theme here?).

So now, we’re ensconsed at the Grand Canyon Brewery (excellent, excellent stout, btw), shaking off the nerves, getting a bite and some beer, and plotting our grand attack on the Grand Canyon****.

We just met an interesting guy going by the name of Ray who is a former real estate agent from Ohio. He lost his job, but came out to the Grand Canyon for a trip to see relatives. After making it out here, he figured there wasn’t any rush to get back to Ohio. He’s leading jeep tours of the Canyon and having a blast. He also steered us towards help for our car.

Thanks, Ray!!

*one of the sneaky ones that you don’t notice until your transmission curses you out.
**a bad idea
***a really bad idea
****after our last experience through williams and getting our tire fixed, we took one look at the line for the grand canyon and said: “fuck that.”
more info later.
-c (+r)

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