night 2

April 5, 2009

We spent night 2 parked on a street in Williams, AZ,  less than a block away from Grand Canyon Brewing.  What else can you do in a case like this, but climb into the trailer, heat up the electric bed warmer, and watch an episode of Dynasty?

We decide to follow up Ray’s connection (his roommate Craig, the maybe mechanic) in the morning. We start to overheat on the freeway when we hit about 50 mph in the 2 miles to Craig’s exit.  Craig tells us that the first, cheapest thing to do is to replace the thermostat (just replaced in SF before leaving) but that the coolant has the “eau de blown headgasket”.

We decided to limp at whatever speed is not overheating, heater blasting into the cabin, to Flagstaff, if we can.  Driving down 40, at 40, with hazards blinking the whole way.  The only ratbastards that can’t seem to see us and allow other people out of our lane are drivers of SUV’s so 5 or so times I quickly dodge to the shoulder.

We made it, found a auto parts store that’s open; I spring the extra $5 for a PREMIUM thermostat vs. the economy one.  Tomorrow we’ll start at the dealership to see if they have the time to figure out the temperature needle and the damage done.

Now we’re updating from the Flagstaff Brewing Company and planning to sleep in the general vicinity.  Everything we need’s in the area: Lincoln-Mercury dealership, indy mechanic if they can’t deliver, Bank of America, Flagstaff Brewing, auto-parts, another brewing place if we get tired of the 4 house beers they have on tap today.  Looks like the live music just ended, country(esque?) with a Singer/Guitar/Harmonicist and an Upright Electric Bass/backup vocalist.  Ping Table tennis appears to be the bar sport of choice here.

Baby wrangling seems to be the sport of choice, regionally.

So this is the trip so far.  We may end up just spending 2 weeks camping at the Grand Canyon, putting the trailer in storage, selling the car-cass and Greyhounding back home.  But all is not lost.  Not yet.

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  1. Safe travels and good luck with the mech stuff. If you do keep trucking our way we’ll keep the light on and the beer cold for ya.

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