ATL & Decatur to Indiana

April 19, 2009

So finishing up in ATL/Decatur: Walked to the Earl for breakfast, and then went to Atlanta Motorcycle & Repair to see Paul’s shop and take lot of pictures of scooters and Courtney had her first ever spin on a scooter around the parking lot.  Then we went to my old employer (2000-2001) and couldn’t […]


ATL (& Decatur)

April 16, 2009

List of places visited so far: Squash Blossom Boutique: Courtney used to moonlight there. Raging Burrito: which inexplicably has a franchise outpost in Rochester, NY, but it’s in a volleyball court/bar so has a completely different vibe. Twains, the local Decatur hang out of old: now it’s  a brewpub as well. The Brickstore Pub: also […]


be healed!

April 14, 2009

Eventually figured out where the coolant link was coming from.  After we survived a windy night parked in a Walmart in ATL (bad enough a tree fell down on a car on Peachtree Battle and killed the driver).  As we started heading to R. Thomas to eat the car temp started rising.  Popped the hood […]