interlude in a small motel, Holbrook, AZ

April 30, 2009
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After we left the Sugarite campground in northern NM, we drove quite a while.  I was hoping that we’d be able to camp in the Petrified Forest National Park, but they’re only open during the day–no camping.  So we drove on to the next outpost of civilization: Holbrook, AZ.  Once we got into town we […]


Santa Fe express

April 29, 2009

When we last checked in, we were in Denver and starting to slowly get ready to head out.  Left a bunch of deer meat with my brother, emptied the last of the Third Base Brewing Hopnesia from the growler, packed up, and headed on down 25. We went down to the bottom of Colorado and […]


to New Orleans

April 11, 2009

Update of some stuff I’d typed but didn’t have the connection to post. Flagstaff: Arrived in Flagstaff on Sunday, not many auto-shops open.  We looked up the Lincoln-Mercury dealership, I figure they can hook the sucker up and know exactly what’s wrong with it, and they happen to be located within about 5 blocks of […]


night 2

April 5, 2009

We spent night 2 parked on a street in Williams, AZ,  less than a block away from Grand Canyon Brewing.  What else can you do in a case like this, but climb into the trailer, heat up the electric bed warmer, and watch an episode of Dynasty? We decide to follow up Ray’s connection (his […]


and they’re off…

April 3, 2009

Only thing not crossed of the list is LAPTOP, then we just need to carry stuff to the car, hook up shorty, and we’re gone. I wonder what the future holds. Share on Facebook