one week in.

May 9, 2009

So we’ve been back for a week. I’ve finally remembered where we keep the pyrex containers and the measuring spoons again.  Funny, the things you forget when you’ve been out of context for a while.

There was a heat wave in SF while we were gone (and we missed it, dammit). Roy also brews beer. Lots of it. Fresh homemade beer in storage + heat = grenade. A few days after we got back, we’re settled in bed and hear a loud KER-POWIE! We go downstairs and check things out…nobody trying to break in, nothing fell off the wall, the cork in the active carboy is holding steady…must have been in the hall.

The next day, when Roy goes to put an empty bottle away, he notices that beer has soaked through one of the storage boxes. He pulls it out to discover a bottle has exploded (yet somehow spared the other bottles in the case). He cleans it up, pulls out the other bottles, ditches the ruined box* and leaves everything out to dry. About an hour later, KER-POW-TINKLETINKLE-KRASH-BLUB!

When a bottle explodes without the benefit of a box keeping everything contained, it gets real messy. The bottle shattered in the middle, turning the neck and cap into a projectile to break after flying across the kitchen. In cleaning the resultant mess, I notice several caps have a slight hump. Hm. So into the fridge go the bubbly bottles. We still have to be careful opening them…since they are so blast-happy, as soon as they’re uncapped, they start to foam. And foam. And foam. And foam.

But hey, there could be worse things than drinking copious amounts of beer to spare your kitchen.

In the meantime, I’ve been sending out my resume, landing interviews, and trying to stay busy in general. But I’m making a conscious effort to enjoy myself as well. Get out and go for a bike ride, a walk, some exploration. Not stay chained to the desk looking for the perfect place to chain myself to a desk. I’ve started thinking less in terms of “must find job” and more in terms of “how do we accommodate the way we live?” This has led me to dwell on the notion of temp and/or part time gigs more than I have in the past. I get the feeling it’s looked at as inferior in some way, but I can’t tell why exactly. One thing that’s crept up is a nagging desire to build another trailer. Yes. I started sketching this week. Maybe a new approach will give me the space to build again.

Tonight is roller derby (SF vs. SEA), so I’ll be there, then next Saturday, I fly back to Chicago for a week. Shorty’s battery is recharging as I type. We will ride again!

*Anybody got a spare Linie’s case they’re willing to part with? They make awesome storage.

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  2. You guys ever try swing top bottles? I intentionally over carbonated them and never had a single explosion.

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