Black Rock Desert and back

July 9, 2009

Took a little visit to the Black Rock Desert for “the 4th of Julplaya”.  We still hadn’t quite gotten around to washing off the trailer from the big trip.  Before we went we had a couple more maintenance things to do: re-weatherstrip the doors and back hatch (including the bottom of them, this time, as we were taking on some water as we drove through heavy rain), another attempt to seal up the wall that divides the sleeping compartment footwell from the kitchen so water leaked in the kitchen doesn’t make the bedding wet, and some other minor repairs.

While we were out I took some photos with a borrowed “pole-pod” to get the camera 30+ feet up in the air.

Once we got back, we DID finally get around to taking the trailer for a good scrubbing.  And I finished cutting and sewing up a big blue plastic tarp to cover the trailer in our parking spot so we don’t get tagged again.  We considered making a cover for the wheel(s), too, but the only reason we’re covering the wheels is to keep the dog pee off of them and that only happens on the street-side wheel.  And we definitely don’t want to store the cover once it’s had 2 months of dog pee on it.  So we’ll continue to use a black plastic trash bag that’s been cut up enough that the local park/vehicle dwellers don’t steal it (again).

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